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Formalities of the School

Tradition is very important in a martial arts program. The traditions of Shaolin Kempo are one of the things that show us the differences from other sports and activities.

The Dojo: This is your place of training or place of enlightenment. Always show respect when entering your dojo so not to disturb anyone that is training.

The Bow: this is a traditional symbol of respect. In the Far East, this is a form of handshake showing a high amount of respect for the other person. Bow at the beginning of each lesson and at the end of each lesson. Bow to someone before and after working with him or her. Always show respect.

Your Belt: Your belt is your symbol of all of the hard work and long hours of practice and study that you have put into your training. Your belt must be worn for every class. Students should kneel in the dojo when putting their belts on, removing them or adjusting them.

Front Position: The front position is the attention position in American Shaolin Kempo. The hands are placed in the hidden fist position. The left hand is an open palm covering the right hand, which is a closed fist. The symbolism is the left palm stand for peace and the right hand stands for combat. Peace covers combat. Do not reverse it.

Meditation: Meditation is very important at the beginning of your training and at the end. You must clear your mind of the day’s worries and stresses.

Class Participation: Participation in both private and group classes is the key to success in the martial arts. Proficiency is only achieved after long hours of practice.

Control: Safety and self-control is the most important rule we follow. Inside the dojo we are considerate of our fellow classmates. Beginning students should stop their strikes 6” away from their partners. Inside and outside of the dojo no student at any time shows any kind of misconduct or any actions, which may reflect negatively on our school. Dismissal of the student will be immediate.

Testing: At the discretion of the master, students will be tested according to their individual gifts and accomplishments. Certain criteria will be evaluated when making the decision for advancement in ranks. All ranks have to be earned and are to be respected.

Dress Code: All students must wear a uniform/gi to class. During summer classes, an American Concepts T- shirt or any solid color shirt worn with your uniform pants is allowed. Your rank is a must. (You earned it, take pride in wearing it!) It is also required that all students have protective headgear. All gear can be purchased through our school.

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