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Training Equipment Required of all Students

In every sport, a certain amount of equipment is required. The martial arts are no exception. The purpose of the safety equipment is to provide protection for students during their practice sessions. Effective training habits begin with ones own safety and that of any partners. Unnecessary injuries only serve to delay ones progress towards goals. Our program is designed for students to become proficient at their art, and to have fun during training sessions.

Uniforms and Safety Equipment

All students are required to wear a gi. White thru orange belt will wear an all white uniform. At the rank of purple belt you can wear an all black uniform.

Full Uniform: This must be worn in all classes, tests and demonstrations. In the summer months a school t-shirt or a solid color t-shirt with gi pants is allowed.

Safety Equipment: A headgear is required of all students. We do a lot of rolling exercises and practice falling and a headgear helps protect us from injury. Safety gloves are also required. These protect us from any incidental contact that could be made.

Feet: Our feet should always be covered. No bare feet allowed. We offer a broad range of martial arts shoes that you can purchase.

Martial Arts Supplies

Uniforms (black or white - all sizes): $35
Headgear (all sizes): $35
Safety Gloves (all sizes): $25
Patches: $5
Discipline martial arts shoes: $70
OG martial arts shoes: $35
Kids martial arts shoes: $25

Test Fees

After every test, students will receive a belt and a certificate verifying their rank.

Adults: Children All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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